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ART BY ARTISANS – 100% Made in Italy
Interactive surface design since 1999

With the aim of developing interactive environments, B.lab Italia has created a series of tabletop surfaces and floor tiles called B-surfaces.
B-surfaces contain liquids encapsulated within a resilient polymer shell. The result is an interactive floor tile or horizontal surfaces that responds to pressure as well as electric charge. Ones footsteps are temporarily recorded by the movement of fluids within the surface.
According to designers Gianfranco Barban and Gregg Brodarick, b-surfaces are intended to transform movement into memory, appropriating the floor as a tool for creative expression.

B-surfaces is a registered trademark of B.lab Italia and the product series is protected by international patents.

Thanks to the many international sales organizations working with B.lab, you can find installations of B-surfaces and other B.lab products around the globe. Liquifloor, Liquid Floor, Liquid Lava, Liquid Fusion, LIT Liquid Tiles, Liquid Gel Tiles are just some of the brand names that are used globally for the sales of our B-surfaces product line to clients such Fiat, Aloft Hotels and W Hotels, Peugeot, Sketchers, Google, Nautica and many others.

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