TECKELL calcio-balilla collection
Luxury is a game to play!

Teckell Collection is B.labs’ reinterpretation of the table sport of “foosball”. From their collaboration with product designers Adriano Design and through an ongoing research in materials and technology, Teckell was created; a truly original lifestyle and luxury design. Our project Teckell is to give a new life to the game foosball, introducing it as it as an elegant design piece in our formal living spaces.
B.lab Italia and Adriano Design continue their path to design excellence by using the most skilled Italian craftsmen and materials, their hands turn Teckell into a precious blend of artistic creation and technology. With its pure elegance and diamond like transparency, Teckell will fulfill your desire for the extraordinary!”Made in Italy” at its finest! Teckell is born from the exploration of unpredictable emotions. Thanks to the masterful research of its designers, the innovation of its shapes becomes simple, living material, capable of lighting up the entire room in which it is located. The purity of its lines, coupled with the luxurious elegance and grace of Teckell make this a highly coveted possession. Its style, harmonious and refined, achieves a perfect balance making Teckell a revolutionary adaptation of the traditional foosball table.

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Adriano Design


Adriano Design is the brand name used by Davide and Gabriele Adriano to promote their industrial projects and products design.
The Italian brothers were born in Piedmont and are both architects.
Davide was born in Cuneo in 1968. He graduated in Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic where he recently begun to teach Industrial Design.
Gabriele was born in Turin in 1971 and graduated in Architecture. He went on to master in Ergonomics at the Turin Polytechnic where he too teaches Industrial Design.
Ever since university, their design projects have been awarded Italian and international prizes and honors, among which many ADI DESIGN INDEX selecions. They opened their Turin studio in 1999, after a two years collaboration together with Giugiaro Design, and since then have jointly created innovative products, many of which have been produced by companies such as Scavolini, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Carpigiani, Foppapedretti, Ritmonio, Tonelli, Meritalia, Macaedis, Colomer, CMA, Industrie IFI, Melitta, Cafina, Merlo, Carrara&Matta, Bemis, Ferrero Kinder Sorpresa, Ogtm, Nobili Rubinetteriea e Garofoli.

G. Barban


Gianfranco Barban received his degree in Architecture in 1994 from the Politecnico di Milano and has been a member of the Ordine degli Architetti di Varese since 1996. His first experiences in explorations in research and design started very early in the laboratory of his family’s custom carpentry workshop. From this manual work experience Barban developed his natural knowledge of materials and their principle characteristics.
Barban first design experience which continues today was for a company which produces wheels for furniture. He wheel designs can be found on furniture produced and sold globally.
With the support of friends and colleagues which shared the same enthusiasm, Barban formed a multidiscipline research laboratory called B-lab in 1999. B.lab created it first prototypes from an idea of Barban in 1999 a product lined called – LIVING GLASS., The ideas and products quickly multiplied , B-Surfaces, Living FLOOR, and Impact Glass all became part of Barban’s and B.lab’s list of successful innovative materials.