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Featured Project

B-Surfaces, the original Liquid Floor tile, designed and produced in Italy by B.lab Italia.

B-Surfaces are “liquid” surfaces destined for furnishings, giving life to finished products ranging from floors to tables. An exciting match between technology and fantasy that gives life to unique products of the highest quality, clearly “made in Italy.”

The first project made by the design workshop and studio “B.lab Italia,” B-Surfaces, began in 1999, and quickly attracted the curiosity of the public with its uniqueness and innovation. Ballrooms, television studios, furnishings for bars, hotels, cruise ships, and shops are only some examples of the projects followed by the business over the course of the years, made with great passion and exceptional results. The original idea of uniting the static surfaces of tables and floors with the harmonious movement of the liquids gave life to a product that brings entertainment, fascination, and wonder. Interacting with B-Surfaces means exploring. Close your eyes and imagine walking on the sea-washed sand, of grazing a grassy field, dream of the sensation of silence and relaxation, of children’s games and exploration. Product intended for indoor use.

METAL Series International Patent Protected